Breathtaking Santorini islands in Greece

In continuation to my last post on Santorini islands, I wanted to share my personal travel experience to these breathtaking islands.

When I was planning for this vacation, the first thought that came to my mind was to find a place where I can just relax with my own self and at the same time, be at a place which is serene, peaceful, closer to nature and most importantly, helps rejuvenate both my mind and body! It’s not like I hadn’t been on a vacation in a long time, but every time, it was like doing the same thing at new places – crammed schedules with hectic day tours and sightseeing, binge shopping, drinking and eating!!! There is hardly any time left to relax and drown in your own self with such huge to-do lists. You don’t want to miss on anything either, especially if you are travelling to that place for the very first time! But this time around, I wanted to do things differently. My intention was clear – 3 days of total relaxation at a place away from huge crowds, pollution and noise. Maybe surrounded by beautiful sea shores or mountains where I can sit quietly and either read my favorite book or meditate or sing a song or watch sunsets or just listen to the birds chirping in the background!!!! That’s how I decided on Santorini islands…You don’t really have to go to Santorini for doing all this but then, I say, why not?

I went to Santorini islands in the month of November last year, which is NOT particularly a tourist season. I have heard, it can be too crowded during the summer months; so it’s better to plan accordingly if someone is planning a holiday here. I had taken a flight from Athens to Santorini but you can also take a cruise if you have enough time, as it takes around 8-9 hours. Pyrgos, Fira and Oia are the favorite tourist areas for hotel stays. I had stayed at Aeon suites in Pyrgos. The views from my suite were just stunning, difficult to describe in mere words! Due to the scenic nature of these islands, there are many movies shot here as well. “The sisterhood of the traveling pants”, being one of the them which covers these islands extensively.

So, I spent my first day at the Akrotiri museum and the Red beach. Second day, at Fira and Perissa or popularly known as the Black sand beach. Third day, at White beach and Oia, which is famous for its amazing sunset views. There were various points along the way where I took a pit stop for viewing the Caldera, which is formed due to earlier volcanic eruptions and gives the current circular shape to these islands! Apart from this, a visit to one of their wineries and souvenir shopping completed this memorable trip of mine!

It is impossible to capture the beauty of this place in photos but I still tried to take a few with my naive photography skills as attached below.

  1. Views from my hotel suite –

2. santorini

1. greece

3. gr

2. Perissa Beach




3. Oia Village

6. sunsetoia3


4. Caldera Views, Red Beach and Wine Museum

Caldera View from Fira
Red Sand Beach
Caldera view in Oia



Bon Voyage to whosoever is visiting Santorini!

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