With every Sun rise comes a new day!

It’s a new day, a new dream, a new beginning and a new me!!! Today I feel free….free from any expectations, free from my fears, free from my anger, free from any kind of regrets and finally free from everything that exists! I have successfully been able to uncover most of my hidden wounds and started healing. There is a new found independence that comes in with healing of your emotional scars and knowing where you stand. Today, as I look back into the past events of my life, I feel amazed as to how far I have come! I feel I am getting to know myself a little better with each passing day. Now, I don’t need anyone to fulfill me, I don’t need anyone to complete me!


I AM! I am because of all that I stood for and I don’t just exist!!! I will live and I will live for ‘me’ and only ‘me’.

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