Spirituality – What is it after all?

When I first heard this term long back, I didn’t really understand what it meant. I didn’t realize how it was different than any of the other religions that people follow. But somehow, I was intrigued towards this whole concept due to its simplicity. The thought of connecting to one’s own soul, the idea of finding the divine within oneself was fulfilling in some way. It made more sense because everything revolved around finding that inner peace and happiness!!! This is how I started reading about spirituality more and more. I started listening to various spiritual leaders across the world. As stupid as it might sound, I have now started relating to God or the Divine force or whatever we may call it in a different way!

All my life, I have been wondering that if there really is God out there, then why is there so much suffering in the world? Why is happiness and fulfillment of desires so elusive? Why is everything so difficult in life? Why do people have to keep praying to God and perform all the difficult rituals to please God in some way even when there are no guarantees? If God is so Divine, then why does He need people to bow before him all the time? Why do people have to fear God? There are endless questions that I can keep adding to this list. While I may not have found answers to everything, I do understand one thing. There has to be some force which drives this whole universe. I have questioned the existence of God itself, not once but so many times! But whenever I looked around me, I had my answer. If there is no God, then how is everything running in this world? This fact is prevalent in so many ways! Even if we assume, that this universe came into existence through some big bang collision, how is life sustained on earth? The way this universe is created and is being driven since ages, cannot be possible if it is not governed by some force or some universal laws which are running behind it.

As per science, gluons are the basic building blocks that form quarks, the tiniest particles found to be existing till date which further build up to form larger particles like atoms and molecules. Nobody has really understood from where these gluons have come. These are sometimes referred to as ‘divine particles’ which act as a glue to keep the quarks together and basically, everything else that exists in this universe (solids, liquids, gases)! Whether we take gluons as the proof of the divine concept or not, is for any individual to decide. But there definitely is a divine force (as I call it) that exists. It doesn’t have any specific form as such. It is this force which holds everything together. The glue or the binding force to all that exists. It finds expression when it manifests itself in specific forms like living creatures. And human beings are the best forms of this divine force due to our ability to experience things unlike other living creatures.

But unfortunately, we as humans, are all so bogged down with the materialistic world around us that we forget who we are, we forget to connect with our own divine self, our own soul and are desperately searching for God outside us, solely for the fulfillment of our desires. We look at God as some kind of a Superman with ability to perform miracles that can instantaneously change our lives. With this thought in mind, we are constantly in the search of this Superman, making all the efforts to please him. If people achieve what they want in their lives, they will make more and more efforts and somehow if their lives are miserable, then they become atheists or become angry towards God as he doesn’t seem to listen to them! Till a few years back, I often mocked and thought of this world as some kind of a Bigg Boss house run by God, who is dictating rules for the house and all of us human beings have been put together, fighting each other out for survival every day. Every once in a while, people have to leave this house to make way for others to enter! LOL!

My perspective has changed a lot since then, a part of it due to my curiosity towards everything. I have come to believe that it doesn’t matter how you perceive God or the Divine. We run towards God, just like a kid runs towards his/her mother whenever they get hurt. The mother in this case, cannot really heal the kid always but the soothing effect that the kid gets, is what provides relief in that moment of pain. Similarly, whenever a person is suffering in one way or the other, believing that there is God who will ultimately take care of everything, provides the required inner strength in order to sail through those difficult times! And trust me, everyone is suffering in some way or the other!!!! No one in this world has a perfect life, it’s just the different perspective that each one has got. Mainly because we tend to look for things we lack in our life in other people’s lives. If we don’t have enough money, then we look at rich people and envy them for their perfect lives! A person who has all the money in this world but bad health or lack of loved ones in life, this person will envy the same poor people for their perfect life, who are envying him for his riches!!!

Connecting with one’s own self, our own soul helps us in living each moment, however good or bad it is, which as per me, is the essence of Spirituality. If we live each moment, we will be able to enjoy everything in life – every smile that we share, savor each meal that we have, feel grateful for every breath that we take, hence leading to that ultimate happiness that all of us crave for!!! Now, how do we connect with our soul to live each moment is something that each one has to decide for themselves! It can be through some form of meditation or yoga or prayers or anything else for that matter which can help in connecting with their inner divine self!

“Life is a gift given to experience each moment because everything else is temporary, uncertain and meaningless”


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